Business Plans – 6 Empowered Actions for Success Now

We’ve all heard the song line, “life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.” But plans, made with the right intention behind them, can be business plans fueled by empowered actions for success now. For all the plans owners make for their business, many are not fulfilled. Just as many more are simply extended to-do lists. Putting the correct energy and intention into the focus of your business plans will make a clear difference in seeing them manifested in the way you choose.

1. Start from the End. Visualize what the final results of your business plan will look and feel like to you. If this sounds backwards, think about it. How can get there if you don’t know what there is? Imagine the feelings you will have and even the sounds and smells associated with your success. Then take this ideal scenario and write it down. Keep it handy and look at it whenever possible.

2. Show Your Benefits. Get clear on how the plans for your business will benefit you. Often plans are made with other silent agendas, such as what our relatives or competitors will feel if we achieve this goal. Do the plans really support you and your business needs or are they vanity plans meant for someone else?

3. State Your Plan’s Purpose. To avoid unnecessary busy work, it’s a good idea to examine the purpose behind your plan. Sending out X number of business brochures to Y number of contacts by Z date, may look good on paper, but what is the true purpose in doing it? What is the result you expect to get from the action plan?

4. Get Clear on Your Intention. There are many possible intentions for being in business. What is yours? Is it for fame or to be self-employed? Do you want to build an empire or simple provide for your retirement? Any of these intentions are perfectly good, but each has an entirely different approach to planning.

5. Define Action Steps. Now that you are clear on the foundation of your business plan, write down the necessary action steps that will take you to your desired end result. This is where it can get tricky. Be aware and awake as this is where some can allow distractions to keep them off course. Distractions can come in many forms, some actually disguised as opportunities. Go down this check list you just created for your business to insure you are not going in the wrong direction when something comes up.

6. Focus Daily on Achievements. Keep daily notes of all your accomplishments and refer to them often. Focusing on all your good results will help maintain a positive frame of mind during challenging times. Remember that you get what you put your attention on, so even though problems need to be addressed, keep your attention on what is working well for you. Watch your business plans be empowered actions for success now.

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